The Book of martyrs: or The history of paganism and popery, from the birth of Christ, to the last conspiracy against King William the third : Containing, I. An account of the sufferings and crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; with the sufferings and martyrdoms of the apostles and primitive christians, under the ten heathen persecutions: and also the life of constantine the great, the first Christian emperor. II. A display of the horrid persecutions and cruelties, exercised upon protestants by the papists; as the persecution of the waddenses and albigenses; the massacre of the protestants in piedmont and France, with the particulars of the bloody massacre at Paris, the siege of Rochel, &c. the persecution of the protestants in the principality of Orange, Bohemia, Hungary, the Palatinate, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, (with an account of the bloody inquisition) portugal and the low countries. III. The English martyrology; containing an account of the sufferings of the protestant martyrs in the reigns of Henry IV. V. VIII. and that of Queen Mary; wherein is occasionally introduced some short Memorials of the reformation. IV. The Romish Persecutions in Scotland. V. The Romish Persecutions in Ireland. VI. A short account of the Spanish invasion, 1588. VII. The gun powder treason, 1605. VIII. The fire of London, 1666. IX. The horrid popish-plot in 1678. X. The Murther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey. XI. The detestable co... papists, and their ... king William III. XII. God's judgment upon ...ors. XIII. A short account of the most material errors now taught in the Romish church. The whole designed as an antidote against the present dreadful Growth of Popery and to preserve to us the memoirs of those holy men and women, together with their histories, acts, sufferings, and their constant deaths, willingly and ... for the sake of Christ and his Gospel, and for refusing to comply with Popish doctrines and superstitions The third edition
Published: London, Printed for J. Johnson and B. Davenport, in Paternoster-Row, MDCCLXVI. [1766]

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