Civil-military relations : control and effectiveness across regimes / edited by Thomas C. Bruneau, Aurel Croissant

How does civilian control affect military effectiveness? Can a balance be achieved between the two? In-country experts address these questions through...
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Bruneau, Thomas C. - 1939- [HerausgeberIn]

Croissant, Aurel - 1969- [HerausgeberIn]

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Konferenzschrift ; 2018 ; Heidelberg



ix, 281 Seiten ; Diagramme




Boulder London: Lynne Rienner Publishers ; 2019

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89.91 Imperialismus

15.92 Afrika südlich der Sahara Geschichte

89.80 Militärwesen: Allgemeines


MF 9400 / Militärpolitik, Militär und Politik [Politologie, Politische Systeme: einzelne Elemente, Politische Sachgebiete, Militärpolitik, Militär und Politik]

MK 3400 / Sonstige Einzelfragen, Streitkräfte [Politologie, Internationale Politik, Internationale Konflikte (Krieg und Frieden), Sonstige Einzelfragen, Streitkräfte]


Zivil-militärische Zusammenarbeit

Further Keywords:

Civil-military relations, Case studies




Politisches System


Internationaler Vergleich

Global, Verhältnis Militär - Gesellschaft, Politische Zuverlässigkeit von Streitkräften, Militärische Effizienz, Politische Kontrolle, Politisches System, Fallstudie, Internationaler Vergleich/Ländervergleich

Global, Civil-military relations, Political reliability of armed forces, Military efficiency, Political control, Political systems, Case studies, International/country comparison

Vereinigte Staaten, Japan, Deutschland, Chile, Tunesien, Indonesien, Russische Föderation, Türkei, Ägypten, Volksrepublik China

United States, Japan, Germany, Chile, Tunisia, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Turkey, Egypt, People's Republic of China


General Note:

Literaturverzeichnis: Seite 243-267, Register

"Early drafts of most of the chapters in this volume were presented at a workshop entitled 'Civil-military Relations in Comparative Perspective: The Nexus of Control and Effectiveness', hosted by Heidelberg University in May 2018." - Acknowledgments (Seite ix)


Civil-military relations: why control is not enough ; Thomas C. Bruneau and Aurel Croissant

The theoretical landscape ; David Kuehn

Measuring effectiveness and control ; Tanja Eschenauer-Engler and Jil Kamerling

Established democracies

The United States: planning and managing control and effectiveness ; Thomas-Durrell Young

Japan: separation, control, and effectiveness ; Chiyuki Aoi

Germany: the Bundeswehr and the limits of strategic culture ; Sven Bernhard Gareis

Emerging democracies

Chile: defense governance and democratic consolidation ; Carlos Solar

Tunisia: patterns and implications of civilian control ; Noureddine Jebnoun

Indonesia: the military's growing assertiveness on nondefense missions ; Aditya Batara Gunawan

Hybrid and authoritarian regimes

Russia: the armed forces as patriotic glue ; Ofer Fridman

Turkey: strengthening personalized political control ; Zeynep Sentek

Egypt: an ineffective military beyond control ; Robert Springborg

China: traditions, institutions, and effectiveness ; You Ji


The nexus of control and effectiveness ; Thomas C. Bruneau and Aurel Croissant

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Erscheint auch als Online-Ausgabe: Civil-military relations - Boulder : Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2019, 1 Online-Ressource (ix, 281 Seiten)



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