OSCE confidence building in the economic and environmental dimension : current opportunities and constraints / OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions ; Drafting group: Stefan Wolff (project director), Philip Remler (principal drafter), Lance Davies (research fellow), Rilka Dragneva-Lewers, Frank Evers, Rich Fawn, Kornely Kakachia, Nino Kemoklidze, Bidzina Lebanidze, Nina Lutterjohann, Ida Manton, Sebastian Relitz, Raymond Saner, Barend ter Haar, Alexandra Vasileva, Kataryna Wolczuk

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Wolff, Stefan - 1969- [VerfasserIn]

Remler, Philip [VerfasserIn]

Davies, Lance [VerfasserIn]

Dragneva, Rilka - 1967- [VerfasserIn]

Evers, Frank - 1961- [VerfasserIn]

Fawn, Rick - 1967- [VerfasserIn]

Kakachia, Kornely - 1971- [VerfasserIn]

Kemoklidze, Nino [VerfasserIn]

Lebanije, Bijina - 1983- [VerfasserIn]

Lutterjohann, Nina [VerfasserIn]

Manton, Ida [VerfasserIn]

Relitz, Sebastian [VerfasserIn]

Saner, Raymond - 1947- [VerfasserIn]

Haar, Barend ter [VerfasserIn]

Vasileva, Alexandra [VerfasserIn]

Wolczuk, Kataryna - 1966- [VerfasserIn]


OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions [Herausgebendes Organ]

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Vienna [Hamburg]: [Centre for OSCE Research at the Institute for Peace and Security Policy (IFSH) at the University of Hamburg] ; December 2017

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